Students & Testimonials



“I started flight training a long time ago but got discouraged and stopped about half-way through the requirements to get my license. I picked it up again and flew with a few other instructors before finding Chris. Chris is a very experienced pilot and teaches for his own enjoyment, not to build flight hours like many instructors. He is fun to fly with, and his relaxed approach, patience, and encouragement were exactly what I needed to get my private pilot license and instrument rating. I’m currently working with him on the commercial rating. Chris is the best pilot and flight instructor I have ever known, and I highly recommend him for all your flight training needs.” — Marc Schoppe, Durham, NC

“Chris is very knowledgeable and fun to learn from on the ground and in the aircraft.” — A.J. Aldereguia, Raleigh, NC

“Chris was my instructor during my transition to my Cessna Corvalis TT and the Garmin 1000 system. He did an excellent job of getting me comfortable in the new environment. We did both day and night, vfr and ifr training. I highly recommend Chris as an instructor.”
— Bob Neiman, Raleigh, NC
Commercial, Multiengine, Instrument 4,400 hours TT

“Working with Chris was a pleasure. The training I received from him more than prepared me for the check-ride. Attending flight school with Chris as my instructor made me a safe and competent pilot. He makes you feel comfortable and at ease.” — John Clayborne, Oxford, NC

“Chris O’Connor was instrumental in making my dream of becoming a pilot a reality. He has a unique ability to teach the “Art of Flying” which brought a high level of comfort while learning. Chris also taught me how to navigate through the complexities of the alphabet soup of the national airspace system. This was an area of concern to me before beginning flight school. I have been flying for years now, and Chris is still the best pilot I know. I would recommend Chris to all up and coming Pilots.” Brandon Frampton,  Texas

“I met Chris via a referral from a friend who took lessons before me. I decided I wanted my IFR rating to be a safer pilot. Chris is an excellent instructor who also flies commercially. His relaxed and focused attitude helped me learn faster and build my confidence in the air. I passed my instrument checkride in 2013 with no issues at all. I strongly recommend flying with Chris.” — Marc G., Raleigh, NC

“Chris and I have been flying together as instructor and student off and on for the past eleven years. I began flight school with Chris when I was 64. Being a little uneasy about this late start, he always made me feel like I had done the right thing and was very patient and would always repeat the things that I should have remembered.

There were times when I felt like I should give this up, but with his help, kept going and passed my check ride the first time.Chris is a professional pilot and has done, many times in actual practice and under all conditions, what he is teaching you. In my mind this is totally different from a newly minted flight instructor who may have just learned themselves. He will let you make errors that you can learn from, thus creating an excellent learning experience. No, he won’t let you get hurt.

He not only excels in the air, but can teach the ground stuff as well and knows all the rules. In short, I am very happy with Chris’ instruction and can say that it has been a great experience as he has taught me to break the surly bonds of earth.” — Dick Barber, Nags Head, NC