Customized Training

Biennial Flight Reviews / Customized Training

Chris recognizes that each individual faces unique challenges when it comes to learning new material. He takes the time to get to know you, to understand your aviation background, and your personal goals, strengths and weaknesses. This serves to form a strong instructor-student relationship, allowing both parties to provide input and set mini objectives on the way to completing core requirements. Chris understands that good two-way communication between student and instructor creates a stress less environment that facilitates the learning process and allows each student to make the most of every hour of flight training.

VFR SectionalAdditionally, to make your training as convenient as possible, Chris offers the flexibility of training with him in your airplane at your home airport. Whether you are interested in adding an instrument rating, are in need of a biennial flight review or need to get more comfortable flying in instrument meteorological conditions (IMC), Chris goes out of his way to maximize the best use of your time.

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